Installation of SpeedBox for Giant

Installation instruction for Giant:

1. Remove the battery from the electric bike.

2.Loosen the bike chain from the front sprocket.

3.Loosen and remove the 4 screws holding the chain sprocket.

4.Look for the 3 screws behind the chain sprocket, remove them.

5.Loosen and remove the 3 torx screws used for plastic covers.

6.Remove 3 torx screws on opposite side of ebike.

7. Loosen 4 screws holding battery base in place.

8.Loosen 3 main screws holding motor in place, don't remove back screw completely!

9.Remove top 2 screws holding motor in place, leave third  screw in place.

10.Tilt motor downward.

11.Disconnect the speed sensor and the display plugs from their sockets.

12.Connect the SpeedBox2 plugs into the speed sensor and display sockets

13.Connect the speed sensor and the display plugs from motor to the SpeedBox sockets.

14.Insert the SpeedBox2 into the frame tube.

15.Insert and tighten the 3 main screws of motor.

16.Attach the cover on the left side.

17.Reattach the cover on the right side

18. Reattach the chain sprocket

SpeedBox for GIANT SyncDrive + EVO:

SpeedBox for Giant SyncDrive + CHARGE: