Electric Bike Battery, Part I.


The battery is one of the most important components of an electric bike. Often, this is the most expensive component and often damage prone due to incorrect use. What should we do to maintain the battery’s life for as long as possible?

To begin with, always read the operation manual! For each electric bike, you will receive a manual where you can find also the details about the battery use. Incorrect use of the battery could damage it and reduce its capacity.

Most of the offered electric bikes contain a Li-ion battery. It is not appropriate to discharge the lithium-ion accumulators completely, nor to overcharge them. Follow this easy rule and your battery will last longer. What does it mean in practice? You should never completely discharge the electric bike’s battery. If you go on longer journeys, don’t forget to pause for the batteries’ charge. Ideally, don’t let the battery status drop below 20%.

Your battery will particularly suffer if you keep it discharged for a long time. After each trip, it is appropriate to connect your electric bike to the battery charger. In the event you are not going to use the electric bike for a period of time, turn off the main drive switch or remove the battery from the electric bike frame. An electric bike in standby mode may consume energy and discharge the batteries without you knowing.

Follow the recommended charging time and after each charging cycle, remove the charger.

Keep your battery in a dry environment below room temperature. Extreme conditions markedly reduce battery’s life. Avoid a very cold or warm environment. If possible, don’t park your electric bike in direct sunlight for a long time. In the event you are not going to use your electric bike for a period of time, e.g. during the winter, charge your battery up to 50% and store it in a dry and cold place.

It’s important to add that the battery may degrade also when not used for a long time. Therefore, it’s not appropriate to buy further batteries on stock.

In the event you see the battery life and subsequently the distance you can travel reduced, contact your service technician or distributor. The servicing technician may perform electric bike battery formatting, thus markedly increasing its properties. This maintenance should be performed any time when you see a considerable capacity reduction of your battery. It is possible that you have bought a battery equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS). This technology will allow you to perform battery formatting whenever you need by yourself. In this case, follow the instructions specified in the operation manual.

Never forget that your electric bike will reward you for your care with longevity. In the event that you are worried about your battery’s status, we recommend you use an authorized service agent.